Thursday, April 15, 2010

Another Day another dollar.

Another day another dollar, and it is documented, by camera. Its me and the homies just chillin on a nice weekday in fairfax. This from monday- thursday. Hope everyone is having a great week. Another friday tomorrow celebrate with your loved ones and have a good time.
My Favorite Shoes. Yeah

BIG JOEY and SAGAN holdin it down @ the Diamond store!

Another day another dollar, on the streets of Fairfax.

ynoT? and yeoJ?

We get compliments on our floor all the time. Its dope

This is me and the best dog in the world Charlie. She is a sweetheart.

The next Thrasher cover??? hahhaa
Brophy came through the shop and showed us how crazy Australian money is. The thing was like made of plastic and it was dope. Who ever is making the U.S. Dollar should step their game up..

Charlie mamas!

The Gangstaz that hold down the block. Mikey Hundreds, Joey HOF, Gio!

And last but not least world let me introduce yall to my niece to be Kate!!!! She is one of the twins that will be adopted from Korea. Please pray for the Ha family for their blessings and for the babies to arrive soon and safe!! I'm hella stoked!!!

- Tonytones