Sunday, December 21, 2008


What up people? The holidays are coming up and i really hope you guys have a safe one. Anyways yesturday was fuckin bananas. I woke up didnt do shit till like 11 then hit up Mike (collinsboi) to hit up Fairfax to see the big homie Mega. So i roll out and get stuck in traffic and shit and we get to fairfax. We get our shit from mega and mike had to roll so he bounced. Then me and Mega went to go grub @ a little Japanese Cafe called "Yuri" on Melrose. Shit is bomb as fuck. I recommend getting the 1/2 chicken 1/2 steak. Then the workers @ Yuri kept asking us if we are from Melrose, cause we looked like someone. They was trippin fuckin hard. Then me and Mega dipped out in his 7 to Venice to go chill with the Venice Rogue Status Crew. We met up with the crazy genius designer Rex. Chilled @ his pad looked @ some new shit *which is fuckin banana go doo doo dumb dumb bullshit INSANE.* So then we dipped out again in he's 7 dropped Rex off @ the studio, and rolled by the Rogue Venice Shop. The boys @ rogue are definately doing it big big ups to Yo!. We got to the shop too late and missed the Estate X Rogue BBQ :( . So we DIPP AND DOTTED the fuck outta there, and went to UNDFTD in SANTA MONICA. Again thank you too ALEX, FRANK, and the other worker who i forgot hes name, for showing us love!!!!!!! then we headed back to Mega's CRIZZZIB, and on the way back we hit up Nick (Diamond Supply Co.) and he was busy working on designs, so we couldnt get korean bbq, but Next time Nick lets grub homie!!!!! Then i headed back to DB and went to juns kick back @ his house and we ended up going to the view and taking pictures. IMMA LEAVE on this note. BLVCK SCVLE 09 DOIN BIG THINGS. Oh and btw we takin up Magic 08 this year. SEE YA IN VEGAS

Shits i got today
  • 8 Diamond shirts "Thanks Nick for making the box come through"
  • B-Logo Crew in Medium (LOL Mega always gave this one away!)
  • Major X Blvck Scvle Crew NECK
  • Major X BLVCK SCVLE white tee..

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