Sunday, December 7, 2008

Recapping the weekend...

Whats happenin peeps? im not gonna do much writing, but ill let the pictures do justice.
  • Church
  • Coconut Bay with Dennis and John
  • Head out to Fairfax with John to meet up Mega
  • Get the new fitted and B logo crew neck from Mega
  • Go eat Pinks with John

Usually a good place to eat but today's food was fuckin sick

Blvck Scvle - Die/CUT hoodie . Calvary Tee, REFORMS,JACK PURCELLS.

Middle finger to da LAW

My car Hauls. "sounds like a t-rex live under my hood" - Weezy

It aint trickin if you got it. BLVCK Fitted the other SCVLE is missing. Stores doesnt even have this yet. Thanks Mega!!!!!!!!!! BLVCK ops for life!!!

Before the ahnihilation

Process of killin it

John killin it

the aftermath...

dope spot on Melrose X La Brea. Behind Jiffy Lube.


Walk in my shoes for once.

till next time .....
- Tonytones


Samuel said...

tony your so fresh to death

jane said...

where's my picture?!? if i recall correctly, you took a picture of me -_- if u want me to read your blog, you gotta put pics of me :)
anyways, i still owe you a lunch.