Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Whats poppin?

Been slacking on uploading pictures and blogging and what not, but its all good. First of all I want to give out a Shout out to Carlos @ Estate LA! *click his name to go to his BLOG. Estate is having a BBQ this saturday, i might end up going cause ill be in Fairfax anyways.

Also another pretty cool thing that happend was. I got in touch with my old highschool homie Elliott who now is a writer for "Freshnessmag". (visit them @ www.freshnessmag.com) So Elliott approached me with the idea of having the Major X Blvck Scvle on the front page of their website as a blog entry. I was all over it and mega was down with it too, so here is the end result!


I think in the future Me and Elliott can really grow and help each other. Oh and notice the Shout out he gives lol "Info by TonyTones". Here is the link to the page if you guys want to read the whole article it features the BLVCK SCVLE X MAJOR collaboration work thats releasing soon.

Click Here for the full post!!!!!!

And then from there we have the new drops from CITIZEN which is also fire. Jeff was nice enough to let me take a peek @ couple of his shirts. He pmed me and told me that it was for Friends and Families only @ the time. so GOOD LOOKIN OUT JEFF & SHANE @ CITIZEN HOLDIN IT DOWN IN THE EAST. Sometimes i think they are fuckin insane for havin 70% off sales.. Well check out their website

Here are some previews of the Citizen Shirts. I had to buy a White/ Taxi Driver shirt


Oh and now on to my personal section. I will be in pain this weekend. I have to take out 2 of my wisdom teeth which is gonna hurt like a bitch. Last weekend was chill went to I Love Soju again and just had fun. here are some pictures and with that im out Thanks Guys!!!!

The homie in the bottom flexing is gonna "BE ALL THAT HE CAN BE" @ THE ARMY GOOD LUCK!!!!
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Alright till later guys .....
- TonyTones

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