Sunday, January 4, 2009

Bad Start.

Shit man i thought i was gonna have a good year, but i got hit with a dumb ticket.. Me, John, Josh had our usual lunch @ Curry house. *bomb ass waitress CUTIE for damn sure. Then on the way back to Josh's i got pulled over by a cop. basicall im gonna cut the BS and say that the Cop knows his car facts and gave me a Modified Exhaust/ No Catalytic Converter / Smog Violation. Damn time to stop bullshittin around and just be careful. 09 im gonna really try to budget my expenses and my spending correctly. DDAMNN! im pissed.

Here is the random picture of the day. Representing Estate L.A. for all your fittted needs hit up the website ESTATE WEBSITE!!! also visit the homie Carlos's webpage he will be doing big things in 09!!!

With that i hope everyone had a great weekend. God Bless, and have a prosperous week!

- Tony Tones

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