Saturday, January 31, 2009


Los Angeles Skyline from the rooftop = Beautiful.. I LOVE LA

*it was taken by my iPhone, just touched it up a bit with PS i think it came out pretty clean for a camera phone picture.
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Whats good/new blog world??? Been slackin a bit, but its your chance to get caught up again. Anyways today I went over to the "BLVCK SCVLE headquarters" *megas crib, and just had a good time kickin it with the folks. Thomas W, and Sean from Grindtime came all the way out from the AZ to kick it. (YO good seeing ya fellas lets get fuckin stupid @ Magic....!) Everyone that was there @ the house just migrated to the rooftop and we had a BBQ. It was real chill. Diz Gibran came through to kick it with us, along with many other people. Then ofcourse BLVCK MIKE came through with his girl and we all ate some FUCKIN DELICIOUS HOTDOG,and Burger. Props to Mega and Fresh for the bomb ass BBQ. Then it was getting windy as hell so we all moved back down to the office and popped in a movie. It was called Bully directed by Larry Clark. I dont even know where to begin with that movie, but just rent it and watch it. Shit is dope. anyways finished the movie and i left the crib and came back to DB to just kick it with johan and wookie. It was a good day, meeting new people and seeing old faces is always good.
Yo check it out i wanna give a big shout to Elliot from Freshnessmag for coming through for me in the clutch once again to support the homies. **ALI I GOT YOU MAN!**

Link of the Article HERE ::

GRIND TIME X BOBBY FRESH made it on the frontpage of Freshnessmag
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- Tonytones (everyone have a good Superbowl weekend dont go too dumb!!!)

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Sean said...

yoo those are some good pics...appreciate tones, i got you at magic homey