Tuesday, February 3, 2009

All in a days work....

Kind of a rough day today. Woke up @ 8 had to go to the school library to print out a paper i did last night, but right when i walked in i checked my backpack for my wallet and it wasn't there. For the 2nd day in a row i left my wallet @ home it was horrible. Then went to Hcom class boring as usual, and then went to work. Work was pretty sad today. My team leader Elizabeth was leaving us to pursue her dream of being a registered nurse. I really hope the best for her and her family in the future. Then i went to my night class (math 115). Class ended early and i got a text from Christina Lim. I haven't talked to christina in awhile and it was great to hear from her *sorry i didnt know your # at first!!! So i decided to go meet up Rachel,Christina,Jason,and Daniel @ the infamous Banana Bay and we just got together and talked about life and how things were going. Its interesting because it seems like college has drifted everyone apart, and it was very cool to have them around and just talk. We should do that more often instead of being too caught up in what we do. Just look back and call up some friends you haven't seen in awhile and have a drink and talk. I feel like we've matured alot and are doing grander things in life. Again it was great seeing you guys and lets do it all over again soon!!!!

nbb 038
Christina trying to blow a bubble gum. I thought i could do it but failed miserably.

nbb 034
Dan the mother fuckin man!!!!! visit his website here http://www.danielseunglee.com/ Daniel is a great photographer and everyone should check out his page!!!!!

nbb 013
JASON LEE. my Chinese brotha!

nbb 005

nbb 008
My fried calamari which was actually pretty damn good..

Sorry Rachel I was looking through my camera and all the pictures of you were blurry!! *dont kill me please?

well thats all for today. Again visit
http://www.danielseunglee.com/ Daniel is a great photographer and everyone should check out his page!!!!!



rachelz said...

all those pictures were by ME
and it's ok
i just want the sweater
thank you!

eyelet said...

It was great catching up! We've definitely matured a lot. Weird how fast time passes by. I'm looking forward to seeing all the great things you'll be doing in the future, Tony!

Here's the link to Daniel's flickr:

Anonymous said...

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