Saturday, February 7, 2009

GOOD DAY so far..

What it is everyone? its raining hard in @ this moment, but that didnt stop me from going to Fairfax to get my hands on the Diamond VVS pack! Yes the Diamond X DVS "VVS" pack is fuckin out and if you live in LA you should def stop by the store and get one. Anyways went to Diamonds and met up with Nick Diamond, Melloe(Labels), and Ray (FLosAngeles). Over all it was a dope day. Went into the store Nick took bunch of pics of me with his new D90 the camera looks bulky and professional as fuck. Got blessed by Nick with some free stuff (Thank you once again brotha!!!) Also Ray Laced me up with the new FLOS ANGELES fitted. Its crazy nice, fits great and also looks great too. And cant forget Melloe hooking me up with some of the best laces i've seen. "Labels Laces" coming to a shoe near you! Anyways me Melloe and Ray walked down to 3rd st. and ate some Benitos and chopped it up. When we got back DOM KENNEDY came through @ the Diamond Store and did a little freestyle for Diamond TV lol. It was a good day so far, hopefully i can find something to do and chill. Thank ya'll and here are some pics. *didnt take my camera to Fairfax thiking it was gonna get wet, but ill upload some pics nick took when he puts em up!

Diamond Supply Co. on mah IPHOONE PORVIDA!
Flos Angeles Fitted Fuckin nice!!!
Labels Laces!!!! Go support! And look out for Labels to do it big SOON!
Walked out the store with a heavy ass bag. Thank you NICK!!! (!
Diamond Supply Co. Homies + DOM KENNEDY

Then after i got home i went to Kmart to run some errands for my mom. Then went to the homie Lips' house and went out. We ate at the Jade House next to Whole Enchilada on Diamond Bar BLVD and grand. It was pretty good. After that me Kev,Albeezy,and John drove to Anaheim Hills and went to a hookah bar called Hidden Cafe. Shits real chill in there. After that we went to JUDAERI and met up with the homies and the Fullerton Homies as well. It was a good night, but its time to go to sleep now. PEACE OUT WORLD. Good Night. Oh and shit i need a girl...

New shirt provided by the Homeroom pop up shop on Rosewood X Fairfax. Good stuff there go and check it out. *lookin hella tired.
I dont get how people can eat Ducks. its fuckin sickkK!
Crooks X Diamond Hoody shit is getting dirty need to have another laundry day!
My brotha Kevin RIPPIN it!!

Good night! jealous can lead to many things so stay on top of your game and if someones hating on you, take it as a compliment move on and grow from it. Just do you!

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