Monday, March 23, 2009

Korea v.s. Japan

For those who don't know this WBC final game wasn't just "baseball" it has so much more meaning in it for the people of Korea and Japan. I'm not a sore loser or a ignorant dude so ill come out and tip my hat off to Japan. They have one hell of a team with a great leader Ichiro. Korea did their damn thing though with the score being down had a great rally to come back, but it wasn't enough to put a stop of Japan's offense. There is so much pride between these 2 countries not only because of what happened in the past, but because of our cultures. Either way it was a great game


oh and also peep out Nick Diamond on this Kanye/Keri Hilson/ Ne-yo video.
He's the one wearing the red fitted with the diamond life 3 tee behind keri in the scenes!
all you ladies follow his twitter and give him a holla! LOL Good stuff Nick!


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E said...

Definitely man, Korea played some good baseball, and until that last hit, it could've gone either way; Bum Ho Lee is a beast of a hitter!