Sunday, March 29, 2009

The way it is right now....

Hey guys whats craccin? this week was very interesting to start off with. Monday-Thursday did the usual. But there was a twist a very big twist. Thursday we were @ work and they called us in for a big company meeting. There we found out that everyone in the office was laid off. I guess the management that handles sales and the corporate guys lost a very big contract with one of our biggest clients "Saxon Mortgage." At first i didnt know what to think, it really hasnt hit me till last night. I am now officially unemployed. Wow i thought i would never come to a day to say this, But it is what it is I spoke to many people about this matter, and alot of yall have reached out and told me to stay positive. (Thank you to all the brothers ! Rob @ BobbyFresh, Nick Diamond, Mega!!) I learned alot working @ RealServ, and i realized that i never want to go back to an office/desk job. I mean if its the only thing that comes up in the future i would take it, but that isnt where my passion is. I realized how much it sucks to work @ somewhere you dont care or have a passion about. But im staying positive, since i am on spring break i'm gonna take this time to think and see what i really want to achieve in life and how i should start. School is a priority for me right now and job is important as well, due to the fact that i take care of my self, and no one helps me. Again it is what it is I'm gonna think positive and move on to bigger better things.

If you guys know any openings let me know.

Enough about me losing my job, this friday i went to Attic for their Friends and Family 60% off sale. It was good times picked up alot of the blackscale shirts i didnt have. Then saturday I rolled out once again to Attic to their FD Event. It was definately poppin and chill. Shouts to the guys @ Attic for setting up a very nice event. (Good meeting you Joe, Derek!) Met up with Mega, and Mike at Attic (Blvck Ops waz reppin) and just chilled. Then today i finally woke up in time to go to church, and it actually felt good going. After that me John and Dennis went to the golf range to hit around a bit which was all good times. This week had its ups and down but im staying positive and i hope all of you guys do the same in this troubling times. WE NEED CHANGE, AND WE NEED IT NOW!
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