Sunday, April 19, 2009

Only in California.

This weekend was very chill and fun. To sum it up short, Friday night went to the shooting range and shot off some rounds with my homies 9mm. Then went to Irvine our homies pad and just kicked it. Then Saturday i went to Irvine to get my car fixed, and then drove to L.A. to the dunk exchange to meet up Rob from Bobby Fresh. It was real dope Rob is a real dude with big goals and i believe Bobby Fresh will be bigger and better from here. Good meeting you homie! Haha then @ night we had a little hotel party which was pretty chilll... SIKE it was very weird alot of bingbings going dumbdumb but its all good. Then today watched the laker game @ my homie daniel's pad and we decided to celebrate the win by throwing a BBQ @ a local park. It was all chill. I dont think any californians could've asked for a better weather. It was beautiful, and i was reminded again I LOVE CALI AND AINT NO PLACE I'D RATHER BE!!!!
Oh and keep em hits and comments coming. Tell your friends about the blog lets get it done! BLVCK OPS WHERE YOU @? *Black-Scale ops III available now @ under the catalog section. Go get one now! Here are some pics.

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- Tonytones
Hope all of yall have a great week!

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