Friday, April 3, 2009

Soon you'll understand.

Whats good world? Here is a quick recap of what i did these past 2 days. Thursday met up with Daniel,Nina,Dennis,John and Ana @ Michael's Crab on Fairway (very good) and we ate a GRIP of crawfish and shrimp. See the pictures below. Then Me,Daniel,Susan,Stacy went to a spot in Sunset BLVD to go eat the burritos provided by the Kogi Truck. It was delicious!

16456456456 007
Vans Wtap slip-ons they comfortable as fuck!
16456456456 010
16456456456 033
16456456456 032
Cajun Fries
16456456456 015
They have a wall there where you can write your own shit i had to up the up "BLVCK SCVLE"
16456456456 016
16456456456 013
16456456456 041
way to Sunset.

So then fastforward to Friday(today) I woke up was gonna jog with ray, but ended up in LA fitness by my self. Then went westbound to go chill with Kevin @ his pad. And after we came back we hit up YokoYoko for some sushi. It was a chill Thurs/Friday. came home early to sleep in early.
16456456456 043
16456456456 047
16456456456 046
hookah sesshh @ Kevins pad.

Also i know some of yall come up to me and say I got the song from your blog and what not, so everyone needs to check this out.

Soon You'll Understand by Diz Gibran!
This is a classic piece right here and the song thats playing while yall read my blog is by him. Make sure to support!!! The mixtape drops 4/7/09 you can take a listen here
Diz Gibran - Soon You'll Understand <-- Click Here
Support your local L.A. rappers!!!

BLVCK OPS whats good!
Special Happy Birthday to Rachel!!!! see ya tomorrow beezy!

- Tonytones

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