Sunday, May 3, 2009

Labels Radio

My homie Melloe Won from Labels is doing it big with his new radio show. I had a chance to listen to their broadcast, and its some real shit.. Now days on the radio it seems like the only songs are Poker face, and some pitbull jump off. If you want some real 80's-90's classic hip-hop mix @ the comfort of your own home, you gotta tune into Labels radio. Labels is doing big things and I cant wait till they get cracckin with their new shop! Shout out to Melloe and all the labels fam! Check out labels radio @

also visit

Bringing you the best in real hip hop from the 80's and 90's....Going down every first and third Friday of every month..Hosted by Melloe Won.

Oh and this weekend went to Fairfax to pick up my mystery box, and also the Diamond Life 3 tee. Its a killa Shout out to Nick Diamond, Joey Suriel, and Jimmy @ the Diamond Camp for holdin it down.

Stay safe everyone, and tell your friends to follow the blog and hit me up on Twitter.


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