Friday, May 8, 2009


I was introduced to this wonderful place last year by Mega. From them every time i went to Fairfax or Melrose i had to stop by. The food is great, it is very clean, very reasonable pricing, and a great friendly staff always greets you. I was recommended by Mega to try their steak bowls and it was fuckin bomb. So every time i go there i try to get the steak bowl or a tea. As far as teas i drink their champagne rose every weekend. My week doesn't start well if i don't. Yuri's Japanese Cafe has now gone mobile, and is in the catering business. Young (owner of Yuri's) is a great guy and Yuri's food just speaks for it self. If you haven't tried it you really gotta go. I recommend the Steak Bowl, with a Champagne rose tea. Tonight Yuri's Truck came to Diamond Bar, and I got to try one of their Yuri Rolls. It was great. So Follow Yuri's Truck on twitter here Also check out their site @ I say its one of Melrose's best kept secret, and my Saturday dine spot. So go try your Yuri's today It wont disappoint you!

Yuri's Japanese Cafe
7217 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(323) 857-5879


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