Thursday, June 4, 2009

Blvck Scvle SF Trip.... RAGE....

First of all i wanna send a big shout out to everyone that showed me and mike love when we were up north. Shout out to our big bro Mega, De, Uncle Al, Ali, Pat, Niq, Jraf, Sean, Rob, JBillion, Fitz, Sweets, Tom,Eko,The fellas from Goods (seattle), Bea (AKA BLVCK MVGIC), Wahid, Ron, and the list goes on I cant name em all on the top of my head. Thank you my brothers it was a great trip, and you guys definately made it feel like home the whole way there.

Getting on the plane from L.A. i really didnt know what i getting my self into. I've been to SF before, but just to do the tours and what not. Its crazy how i remember Mega told me while crusin back from venice in december he was going to Open a pop-up shop around june in SF. And boom there it was me and mike were on a plane from LA to SF to the opening of the store. The blvck scvle store is definately nice, and all of yall should visit... So when we got off the plane in SF me and mike got a rental and cruised over to the shop where we met up with the homies. Then from there we caught the lakers game @ the bar next door. Mega let us stay @ his hotel that night so we went to check in the hotel and got ready for rage night #1. We hit up a spot called Vessel and it was off the hook! LOL I just remember Sweets taking the word "RAGE" to a whole new level that night and it was great! We were on top of couches and throwing pillows @ random people, and it was all in good fun. Then 2nd day me and mike mostly chilled in the room burnt out from Vessel and we hit up Mighty @ night where we saw Jbillion & Mickey Factz kill the stage. Then we went to the Ambassador but went too late and they closed.
3rd night was the opening it was crazy to see how many people showed up and showed love for Black Scale it was real coo. So many people were coming in and out from everywhere. Then @ night there was a pre-party @ the store where the Belvedere IV was pouring. And then we moved to Harlot where a night of Rage began.
Next day i hopped on the plane and got back to LA. Overall the trip was very very good. Although it did drain out my wallet i look forward to going there more. I got mad love for all the Blvck Ops, and the city of San Fransisco for showing us LA cats a good time.
I plan on going back up SOON as i get my money right so lets get part 2 cracckin real soon. Till then homies stay safe!

"When one door closes another opens..." BLVCK SCVLE..

Slappin some stickers.
Wahid, Uncle Al, and Rob posted outside the shop.
Line outside the store on opening day.
Inside the store. Crazy...
outside the store the line of people waiting to get in. ** I SEE YOU JSTARR*
Of Course we HADD to stop by the Wharf!
LMFAO this shit was crazee Mega raging out with the Helmet on. LOL!
Me on the Bike @ the shop 2 days before opening. Clothes everywhere...
Me and Mega. Im lookin @ all the good shittttt
HELMET PICTURE piece is so sick..

Again shoutout to everyone see yall soon... More pictures of rage action coming up soon. Stay tuned...

ALL PICTURE CREDIT TO MIKE I brought up my camera, but it was too big to carry around :(
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Black-Scale Pop-up Store Visit it....



daniel said...

DOING IT BIG>..no1 gives you comments... but BOOYAKA IN YO FACE SON.

Jimmy said...

pretty nuts.. next time i want in!