Monday, July 27, 2009

My Life Lately...

Lately my lifes been blessed to say the least. I've been golfing alot which means im getting dark as hell. first i wanna start out with our little trip to the O.C. Fair. It was dope good food, with good people, and good vibes. It was definately worth it. Went there with the homie Anthony, Stacy, Yumee, Susan, Roy. All good times. here are some pics

My homie anthony + his GF stacy

me and stacy

the 3 amigos that went

Black Scale


me + yumee + susan

Me and the homegirl Yumee

... Then this past weekend was of brother sam and daniels bday. Happy 22nd to daniel and happy 20th to sam! You guys are family to me. Daniel and Sam had a party together and to say the least i was DRUNK. hahaha here are some pics from people's facebook. As a matter of fact all these were ripped from people's face book.

YEE rebel flag tee this time.



My brotha daniel + yumee.

LOL shout out to nicole who got pushed in the pool. I hope your foot is better now nicole :)

Then this saturday I went over to Mega's house to help him move into his new place with Eric, and Rob. It was chill. Never seen a man with that much clothes in my life. It was good catching up with the Ops familia and i cant wait till yall see whats ahead for Black-Scale. Its gonna be good realll good. Again shout out to all the blvck ops fam and everyone of my readers. I've been lacking on the updates but i will try to upload more each day. Also This wendesday is the Blvck Scvle X Cruel Summer party @ the Roosevelt hotel in Hollywood. Its gonna be off the hook!!! YEEE.

Also before i leave. Shout out to my boy Carlos whose doing it big right now check out the blog for all your streetwear news.

Also check out this new brand 5th column who had collabs with Blvck Scvle in the past. The up coming collab is just as insane and its a def a line you should look out for.

follow their twitter @

and their website @

- Tonytones

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