Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Diamond Supply Co Fall 09 droppin soon!

The big homie Nick Diamond is droppin some serious heat this fall 09. Diamond Supply Co. is back at it then the infamous thursday drops. This drop will contain some T's and some crew necks so gets your wallets ready and your credit card #'s cause Its Diamond Thursdays all over again. Shout out to the homies that hold it down @ the 504 Fairfax Ave. shout to my brothas Thomas, Jordan, Nick, and Miguel.

On a side no BLVCK SCVLE fall 09 is coming right around the corner KEEP YOUR EYES WIDE OPEN CAUSE ONCE YOU BLINK YOU MISS. YA KNWO THE DEAL!

and for the thursday diamond drop its


*really been swamped with work and school thesedays been tryina prioritize. I will be back @ em soon my reader till then its ALL BLVCK EVERYTHING....

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