Sunday, October 11, 2009

A new chapter in life.

Its funny how things fall into place and happen. Lately i've been dealing with the issue of chasing my dreams and my career. I was blessed to be taught few quotes from my brotha mega and Alfred, and these quotes couldnt be any more fitting for this occasion. "When one door closes another door opens." I left my job @ accessorygeeks due to some circumstances and also i felt like it wasnt the right job for me. I'm a type of person to be out all the time interacting with new people and expanding my network. Again a quote from alfred "Its who you know not what you know." Its insane how everything just happend to fit into place, and im seeing the beautiful hustle of life paying off. I just got a msg from Mr.Levine's assistant notifing me of my acceptance to the LCO internship program. LCO is a well-known PR agency in hollywood. Michael Levine who i will be working with is the publicist for Michael Jackson, Hugh Heffner, and P diddy. I am excited and really nervous about what this internship and bring me later down the road. I will keep you guys updated on the day to day activities. Thank you for all your support and please keep praying for me for strength and determination.


Anonymous said...

First off. Take an English 101 course. Second, stop looking up to people in the street wear industry. Thank you.

rachhhhhhhhh said...

wow shut the fuck up asshole.

anyways, tony, i'm so proud of you. you are probably one of the most ambitious person i know.
keep doing what you are doing and don't listen to that person.
miss you.