Friday, December 11, 2009


yo its been awhile. Hope everyone doing well and happy holidays to all the readers out there.

Been busy workin @ the Diamond Store. See new faces and new people everyday. Work is cool, im new to the retail world, but im slowly getting the hang of things. Well today we had a couple special guests that came in @ the store. First Stevie Williams from DGK stopped by to check out the new store. He was hella cool. Then these 2 random rich white kids came in bought alot of shit, and i found out they were kids of Jimmy Iovine, and Jack Nicholson. It was a trip.... LA is a hell of a place where little 15 year of kids can have their dads business credit cards to buy their clothes.

Anyways I dont wanna bore you with words here are some pics. Thank you again for reading and stay tuned cause i will upload more stuff as days go by. esp with things happening around fairfax.

Nicholson's kid to the left and Iovine's kid to the right. and charlito to the wayyy right.

Me and my brotha Grindtime Tommy. YEEE BUDDY

- Tonytones