Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Chill Weekend.

Whats good people?? im gonna get into last week and how it went down. wendsday i had dinner with a lady friend which went pretty well, she bought cause i accidently left my wallet @ my house (ill make it up mr.pizzas this weekend). Then fastforward to Friday i went to morongo and lost. haha poker is a disgusting sport. Saturday woke up and i was supposed to go to downtown to the blvck ops base, but stayed home. Sunday had a pretty chill day. I missed church for like the 5th week in a row, but met with the usuals to have lunch @ Maxim cafe. (which was hella disgusting) THen me and john hopped on the 60west and headed towars Venice to go see the homie Anwar @ Rogue Status. I went to cop some of the new DTA shirts and they came our super clean. (thank you anwar for the homie pricing!) Then me and john hopped on the 10east and went to fairfax. Stopped by the Diamond store to say whats up to the homies Charles, and Jimmy. Jimmy just adopted a new dog and its cute as hell. Then we walked down to supreme where jordan was workin and i copped a keychain. After all that we had to stop by HUF to check out the sale. Copped me some white chukkas for 30 bones, and had a good talk with Scott @ HUF. then we headed home. Overall it was a good weekend, very chill but this day light saving thing is killing me right now. So until next time peace!

oh and i forgot to mention. BLACK SCALE season VI is out now @ your local stores.
for store listings or where to buy leave a comment on this post and ill reply to you.

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peace and have a wonderful week. I will update with pictures soon!

- Tonytones

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