Saturday, March 14, 2009

Menace Beach

took a trip down to Rogue Status to pick up some the Black Scale Giza tee. Weather was way too perfect today. I met up with BLVCK MIKE there, and we took off to Fairfax. Then we did our usual run around the shops and shit, and i went and got the new HUF spring shit. Now im home, and i gotta write a stupid informative speech paper that i forgot about. I hope yall have a great weekend, and a prosperous weed to follow.
oh and Rogue Status still has Blvck Scvle Season VI out so go and get some!

1720 Main St.
Venice, CA 90291
*you can also place phone orders @

Here are some pictures
16456456456 014
16456456456 013
16456456456 011
Juan posted.
16456456456 010
Women's Clothing
16456456456 007
Mike its hard to see ya man.. LOL just playing brotha.
16456456456 006
LOL anwar making babies cry.
16456456456 004
it all makes sense why....
16456456456 003
Them tacos were danks as fuck!
16456456456 002
on the blocc. LOL funniest shit when anwar comes out the shop the whole bus stop looks in fear.

THATS ALL FOR NOW... im be taking alot more pictures now so i can update frequently..



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